Oriental Escape Co., Ltd.


After a decade of experience in tourism industry within Thailand and neighboring countries, Oriental Escape’s founder, owner and current managing director have established the company in 2005. It was one example of a one-man company where the founder was responsible for the whole operating process and the back-office paper works. Oriental Escape’s office then is not more or less a home office where the MD and the co-founder operated themselves on all chords and tasks. This enabled them to experience and understand the whole process and all functions of the company.

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Mission statement from MD

Our managing director and the company’s founder had a simple mission statement in his mind on the establishing of Oriental Escape, yet it took him full efforts and attentions to accomplished. It was to provide the seamless travel services for Thailand visitors to experience the best things this country has to offer while supporting the local business for the beneficial aspects of all parties associated with our company.

Siam Niramit Show Bangkok via Oriental Escape

Thailand is known and recognized throughout the world for its appealing beauty and friendly people, but there were still some barriers that make it not-as-easy to travel and visit such as language and transportation modes. These difficulties make any visit less pleasant and Oriental Escape were here to basically make the tourist’s travel easier and simpler. It was to ensure that Thailand’s best part will be securely kept in the memory of our clients. It was to ensure that their time in Thailand will be pure, enjoyable and easy. It was to ensure that the difficult and fuzzy parts of traveling were well taken care of in a well-organized manner. Oriental Escape were all in and up to it.


Having moved in 2017 from the original home office since 2005 and rental space in the private building since 2010, the current and permanent location of Oriental Escape (Thailand) head office is now at 70 Borommaratchachonnani Road, Chim Phli, Taling Chan, Bangkok, Thailand 10170. It is one-story building painted in dark gray as it is the company logo’s color. It shares the area with a respectable garage where all vehicle is periodically well maintained by technical personnel as scheduled. The outdoor area is spacious and can accommodate up to 10 visitors vehicles. The indoor comprises of a reception area, relaxing lounge and 3-room working space. With close proximity to the city center, our office is now more reachable than ever. Even start from only a one-man company, the current working compound houses 7 office staffs who are responsible for the bookings system, sales and marketing, customized trip and vacation consulting, accounting, and managing director. The movement of the staff reflects the low turnover rate as we are working as friends and as a family. The resignation is rare and, when it happens, such ex-staff still comes back to visit regularly. We are the close notch and we firmly work and solve any problems in as one team.

Oriental Escape’s Family Car via YouTube

Our outfield staffs are in the huge team to be able to handle various services and products we are offering, but they were all carefully selected and the size is never getting too large for the management to handle. Oriental Escape has 12 licensed tour guides and 30+ driver registered under its names with the fleet of 28 tourism-eligible cars and coaches. All services, products, and personnel are law-abiding so it will be safe and easily referred to. Team up with the back office staff, even as a small boutique enterprise, we are the force to be reckoned with in travel industry in the region.


Oriental Escape reputation is in a respectable and acceptable level on a regional scale. We have won some awards from the accredited organizations and tourism governing bodies. Some most outstanding awards are the Trip Advisor – Certificate of Excellence in 2016 and World Travel Award – Thailand’s Leading Travel Agency in 2016 and 2017. There were more awards that we are the candidates and awarded runner ups but we never top the chart because we have declined their invitations to actively and financially participate in the contests so the award we have received, despite the quantity, are purely from our content and loyal clients.

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